Road2Results B.V.


About the company

Road2Results is passionate about growing your business by using the advanced CRM capabilities of bpm’online. We can help you discover what’s possible and make sure your commercial teams will use bpm’online to generate business results: generate more turnover, more qualified leads, more new customers (and the right ones), more value for the customer.

For this purpose, we build our own commercial best practices into bpm’online. This customer package is available for our customers to grow their business and to create a high performing commercial organization, ready for the future.

We started in 2005 and have happy customers in life science, pharma, medical devices, healthcare and IT.  Our international team is multi-disciplinary and located in Amsterdam and Munich.  

What we do:

  • Agile implementation of bpm’online
    • Marketing
    • Sales
  • Agile implementation of commercial best-practices
    • Agile Strategic Accountmanagement
    • Sales Opporunity Management
    • Channel Partner Management
    • Marketing
  • Interim commercial management
  • Commercial training & coaching
  • Commercial trusted advisory

Contact information

Roeland van Delzen


Road2Results B.V. Mauritskade 55c NL-1092 AD Amsterdam Nederland


Road2Results GmbH Franz-Joseph-Str. 11 D-80801 München Deutschland